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Pub. No.:    WO/2001/087123    International Application No.:    PCT/CH2001/000299
Publication Date: Nov 22, 2001 International Filing Date: May 15, 2001
IPC: A47F 5/08
Applicants: VISPLAY IP AG
WALTER, Herbert
GAIS, Thomas
Inventors: WALTER, Herbert
GAIS, Thomas
The invention relates to a system of supporting bars for hanging articles or fixing a rack, comprising a support bar (1) and a socket (2) with a bushing (22). The support bar (1) can be inserted and locked in place in an axial plug-in opening (22) that extends through the bushing (22). The socket (2) is placed on the front face of a support structure or inserted in a through-opening in said support structure. The support bar (1) is provided with an insert end (10) at its very front that has a hooked contour (15) and that is adapted to provide a form-fit link with a spring element (23) in the plug-in opening (22). The inserted support bar (1) is locked in place by locking the spring element (23) into the hook contour (15). The spring element (23) is leaf-shaped and extends in one part from the bushing (21). The spring element (23) adjoins the bushing (21) with a web (235) that radially projects into the plug-in opening (22). A vertically flexible tongue (230) adjoins the web (235) at an angle and with an axial extension along the plug-in opening (22). Said tongue (230) has a wedge-shaped contour (231) that is complementary to the hooked contour (15). The socket (2) and the spring element (23) are preferably configured as a single piece plastic molded part while the support bar (1) usually consists of metal.