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1. (WO2001038776) SEALING UNIT

Pub. No.:    WO/2001/038776    International Application No.:    PCT/EP2000/011642
Publication Date: Fri Jun 01 01:59:59 CEST 2001 International Filing Date: Thu Nov 23 00:59:59 CET 2000
IPC: F16L 37/48
Applicants: FREISEISEN, Christian
Inventors: FREISEISEN, Christian
The invention relates to a sealing unit for sliding onto a water outlet (38) so as to form a fluid-tight connection with a water hose or similar that is equipped with said sealing unit (1). Said sealing unit consists of at least one outer sealing ring (3) consisting of an elastic material with a ring-shaped base body (4). A peripheral, outer sealing collar (6) extends from the area (5) of the base body that is oriented towards the centre to the centre, is tilted in the direction of insertion (17) and surrounds an opening (16) through which the water outlet (38) can be inserted. The sealing unit also has a sliding funnel (8), which consists of a ring-shaped, peripheral base body (9) that lies on the base body (4) of the sealing ring (3) outside and from which several tab-type tongues (11) extend radially inwardly, said tongues being joined to the base body (9) by their base (10) and lying on the outer sealing collar (6) outside so as to form a type of funnel together. The free ends of said tongues surround the opening (16) for pressing in the water outlet. The inventive sealing unit is characterised in that the tongues (11) have a thicker section (13) at their free ends. This section is provided with a bearing surface (14) which is located approximately perpendicularly to the plane of the respective tongue (11) and approximately perpendicularly to the radial longitudinal direction of the respective tongue (11), and in that the outer sealing collar (6) extends radially inwardly into an extension (18) which extends to the centre, beyond the free ends of the tongues (11) of the sliding funnel (8) and which is configured in the form of a torus (41) on its free edge. This results in better sealing between the water outlet and the sealing unit.