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What is claimed is:
1. An eyelid lifting method, for use on a person having an eyelid having an eyelid crease and a brow above the eyelid, using an eyelid lifting device made of a thin plastic material which is generally crescent shaped, having a front side and a rear side, the rear side having adhesive, comprising:
covering the rear side of the device with a
lubricating substance;
propping up skin above the eyelid crease by
applying the device to the eyelid with the rear side against said eyelid; and
waiting until the device sets in place.

2. The eyelid lifting method as recited in claim 1, wherein the eyelid lifting device has a major arc and a minor arc, and wherein the step of applying the device to the eyelid further comprises pressing the device against the eyelid beneath the eyelid crease and
pressing the major arc upward against the eyelid crease.

3. The eyelid lifting method as recited in claim 2, further comprising the step of repositioning the eyelid lifting device on the eyelid until a smooth arch is achieved on the eyelid.

4. The eyelid lifting method as recited in claim 3, wherein the lubricating substance is selected from petroleum jelly and skin moisturizer.