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Pub. No.:    WO/2001/030454    International Application No.:    PCT/AU2000/001325
Publication Date: Fri May 04 01:59:59 CEST 2001 International Filing Date: Sat Oct 28 01:59:59 CEST 2000
IPC: A63B 55/00
Applicants: PUSKARIC, Joseph, Anthony
Inventors: PUSKARIC, Joseph, Anthony
A club organizer (10) for a golf club carry bag, comprising a cover means (12) adapted to fit across the opening of the golf club carry bag, the cover means having an arcuately shaped ridge member (14) adapted to be supported along a portion of a rim (19) defining the opening of the carry bag, the ridge member having a convex outer side wall (51) and a concave inner side wall (52) defining a concavity (53) and web means (16) located within the concavity for rigidizing the ridge member by urging the ridge member against the rim, the ridge member being so inclined as to have an upper and a lower end and including a plurality of descending apertures (18) for passing the shaft of each of the iron clubs therethrough and into the carry bag, each of the apertures including a groove (24) formed through the outer side wall for locating the head of respective ones of the iron clubs so that, in accordance with the inclination of the ridge member, each of the apertures is at a different height to each other of the apertures whereby the head of each of the iron clubs are vertically spaced apart from each other and are directed away from the concavity, and the web means defining a plurality of apertures for locating the head of each of the wood clubs.