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Pub. No.:    WO/2001/004913    International Application No.:    PCT/US2000/008290
Publication Date: Fri Jan 19 00:59:59 CET 2001 International Filing Date: Thu Mar 30 01:59:59 CEST 2000
IPC: H01B 11/00
Applicants: R.B.K. INDUSTRIAL, d.b.a. KIMBER KABLE
Inventors: KIMBER, Ray, Latham
A signal transmission cable (100) with connectors (114) attached to either end in order to permit the cable (100) to be used to interconnect one component (120) with another component (122). The signal transmission cable (100) preferably has two pairs of equal diameter (106), insulated conductors (104) wherein each of the conductors (104) are spirally wrapped about an electrically non-conductive core (102). The two pairs of insulated conductors (104) are wrapped around the core (102) at a rate of about one turn per inch and are evenly spaced about the cross-section of the core (102) at all points along the cable (100). The diameter of the core (102) is about 11 times greater than the diameter of an individual conductor. This relationship ensures a low, constant impedance through the cable (100). An even number of electrically non-conductive spacers (112), preferably the same number as the number of conductors (104) are braided together with the conductors (104) to maximize the distance between the individual conductors (104)and to minimize movement of the conductors (104) with respect to the core (102). The spacers (112) and the arrangement of the conductors (104) thus cooperate to minimize the capacitive effect between the conductors (104). By minimizing capacitive effects, the spacers and the conductor arrangement greatly reduce the resistance presented to the transmitted signal and thereby afford high speed and high frequency signal transmission through the cable (100).