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1. Container (1) for accommodating incoming cables (1 1), outgoing cables (12) and connectors (13) connecting the incoming and outgoing cables, fastening means (2) being provided for fastening the connectors ( 13 ) to the container.
characterised in that the fastening means (2) are constituted by at least one first fastening pad (3) fixed to the container (1 ) and second fastening pads (4) fixed to the individual connectors (13). the first and second fastening pads being designed so as to provide a bond.

2. Container according to claim 1, wherein the bond is releasable.

3. Container according to claim 2. wherein the first fastening pad (3) and at least one second fastening pad (4) together comprise a "touch-to-close" fastener, preferably of the type known under the Trade Mark "VELCRO".

4. Container according to claim 1 or 2 wherein the first fastening pad (3) comprises an adhesive strip.

5. Container according to claim 4, wherein the second fastening pads (4) are integral with a face of each connector (13), preferably its bottom surface.

6. Container according to any of the preceding claims, wherein the first fastening pad (3) extends substantially transversely to the longitudinal axis of the container (1).

7. Container according to any of the preceding claims, which container is a patching tray for optical fibres.

8. Cable organising cabinet, provided with a container (1) according to any of the preceding claims.