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1. (WO1999011524) CONTAINER

Pub. No.:    WO/1999/011524    International Application No.:    PCT/SE1998/001550
Publication Date: Mar 11, 1999 International Filing Date: Aug 31, 1998
IPC: B65D 1/20
Applicants: NILSSON, Hugo
The present invention relates to a container (1) having walls (2-7), an upper spout (8) at the one side (5) and a hollow handle (10), which extends, with a first end, from the spout region to the other side (6) of the container with a second end, the interior of the handle communicating with the interior (29) of the container, a passage (28) being isolated within the area of the pour spout for inflow of air for replacing the liquid discharged from the container, which air flows via said spout through the hollow handle into the container, below said handle (10) being formed a lower handle wall (17), a portion (24) of which forming said first handle end being bent upwards to screen off a tray (26), the bottom of which communicates with the interior of the container through a drain passage (30). According to the invention, said drain passage (30) extends obliquely downwards along the essential length of the upper side of the container within the region of the handle to the region of said second handle end to form a discharge zone.