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1. (WO1999009744) INTERACTIVE MENU

Pub. No.:    WO/1999/009744    International Application No.:    PCT/US1998/016243
Publication Date: Feb 25, 1999 International Filing Date: Aug 4, 1998
IPC: H04N 7/173
H04N 5/445
H04N 7/16
Inventors: ROSIN, Robert
HSU, Robert, P.
A client-server system includes an interactive ticker which presents a live content data broadcast which changes dynamically over time. The live content may include text, graphics, audio, video, and other multimedia information. The interactive ticker is broadcast independent of the video broadcast, presenting to the user interactively selectable live content along with the television program content. The system provides a dynamic interface organized into categories of information of interest to users, in a coordinated and coherent manner. The user can efficiently select customized and personalized live content in a category or categories of interest to the user, integrated along with the television program. The system can provide a link to a web page at an internet site to present internet content related to the live content category of interest. An intelligent agent can passively monitor selected menu categories for a user to explore based on the user's past patterns of patterns of usage of the client.