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Pub. No.:    WO/1999/004855    International Application No.:    PCT/RU1997/000240
Publication Date: Fri Feb 05 00:59:59 CET 1999 International Filing Date: Tue Jul 29 01:59:59 CEST 1997
IPC: A61N 2/00
Applicants: AVLASOVICH, Mikhail Igorevich

BOCHARNIKOV, Alexei Viktorovich

Inventors: AVLASOVICH, Mikhail Igorevich

BOCHARNIKOV, Alexei Viktorovich

The present invention pertains to the field of medicine and more precisely relates to physiotherapeutic methods for applying a treatment on the organism of a patient using magnetic fields. This invention reduces the treatment duration of the patient due to the dynamic distribution of the magnetic fields in the local treatment area. This invention more precisely relates to a magneto-therapy method that comprises applying a local action on a patient using a closed continuous magnetic field generated by local areas of micro-currents. This method further comprises using macro-currents and/or micro-currents for periodically generating in the sections between the micro-current areas alternating magnetic fields having circulation surfaces which are not parallel to the common axis. The magnetic induction forces are modified in time and their maximal values are equal to or greater than the magnetic induction forces at the surface of the local micro-current areas.