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1. (WO1998050636) RAISED ROAD MARKER
Available information on National Phase entries(more information)
OfficeEntry DateNational NumberNational Status
China 08.05.199898806015.9
Israel 08.05.1998132805Published: 19.03.2001
Withdrawn: 02.04.2003
Canada 05.11.19992289068
Japan 08.11.19991998548545
Republic of Korea 08.11.19991019997010335Published: 15.02.2001
Withdrawn: 09.05.2003
Mexico 08.11.1999PA/a/1999/010227Published: 21.11.2000
New Zealand 26.11.1999501361Published: 25.05.2001
Granted: 06.09.2001
Australia 29.11.199973756/98Granted: 26.07.2001
European Patent Office (EPO) 03.12.19991998921071Published: 01.03.2000
Withdrawn: 02.12.2002