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Patent Claims

1. Arrangement of a two cycle combustion engine
(10,100) having internal combustion, comprising a number of engine cylinders (21; 21-1 - 21-5), which are arranged in an annular series around a common middle drive shaft (11) and which have cylinder axes running parallel to the drive shaft, each cylinder including a pair of pistons (44,45) movable towards and away from each other and a common, intermediate working chamber (K) for each pair of pistons, while each piston (44,45) is provided with its axially movable piston rod (48,49), the free outer end of which forms via a support roller (53,55) a support against its curve-shaped, that is to say "sine" - curve shaped, cam guide device (12a, 12b), which is arranged at each of opposite ends of the cylinder (21; 21-1 - 21-5) and which controls movements of the piston relative to the
associated cylinder,
characterised in that
the two pistons (44,45) in each cylinder (21; 21-1 -21-5) have mutually differing piston phases, which are controlled by mutually differing cam guide devices
the cam guide devices (12a,12b) being designed with equivalent mutually differing "sine" - planes ( "sine" -curves 8a,8b).
2. Arrangement in accordance with claim 1,
characterised in that
the respective cam guide devices (12a,12b) of the two pistons (44,45), at least in certain portions (1a - 3a, 5a - 7a; 1b - 3b, 5b - 7b) of the "sine" - plane ("sine" -curves 8a, 8b) are phase-displaced relative to each other.

3. Arrangement in accordance with claim 2,
characterised in that
the phase displacement is defined for certain
portions (1a-3a, 5a-7a; 1b-3b, 5b-7b) by the "sine" - planes ("sine" curves 8a, 8b), so that remaining portions (4a, 4b) of the "sine" - planes are in mutual phase.
4. Arrangement in accordance with claim 3,
characterised in that
at least one piston (44) of the cylinder, and
preferably both pistons (44,45) of the cylinder, is/are held individually axially stationary or largely
stationary, in a portion (K1) of the working chamber (K) at the dead point between the compression stroke and the expansion stroke, controlled by an equivalent rectilinear or largely rectilinear portion (4a, 4b) of the associated "sine" - plane.
5. Arrangement in accordance with claim 4,
characterised in that
there is arranged in the portion (K1) of the working chamber (K), where the piston/pistons (44,45) are
stationary or largely stationary, a combustion chamber (K1) for combustion of at least parts of the fuel and preferably for combustion of the major portion of the fuel just before the subsequent expansion phase.
6. Arrangement in accordance with claim 5,
characterised in that
the combustion chamber (K1) is arranged over a relatively large arc length (5° - 10°) of the longitudinal dimension of the "sine" - planes (the "sine" - curves

8a, 8b) and of the rotational arc of the drive shaft (11).