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1. (WO1998018119) CONTROL CONSOLE

Pub. No.:    WO/1998/018119    International Application No.:    PCT/FR1997/001864
Publication Date: Apr 30, 1998 International Filing Date: Oct 17, 1997
IPC: H04S 7/00
H05B 37/02
Applicants: INNOVA SON
ROYER, Philippe
ROYER, Christian
Inventors: ROYER, Philippe
ROYER, Christian
The invention concerns a control console comprising at least one member (1) for adjusting the level of radioelectric signals capable of taking up any position between two extreme positions, means for detecting the instantaneous position of said member and means for memorising at least one position of said member. This console is characterised in that each adjusting member is provided with both motor mechanism for automatically positioning the adjusting member in its memorised position corresponding to a status of adjustment selected by the user and tactile means for signalling the deviation ratio of said adjusting member relative to its predetermined memorised position. The invention is useful for mixing or lighting consoles.