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1. (WO1998014328) RELEASE FILM

Pub. No.:    WO/1998/014328    International Application No.:    PCT/JP1997/003504
Publication Date: Apr 9, 1998 International Filing Date: Oct 1, 1997
IPC: B32B 25/20
B32B 27/36
C08J 7/04
C09J 7/02

SUMI, Hiroyuki

KOYAMA, Toshiya

Inventors: SUMI, Hiroyuki

KOYAMA, Toshiya

A release film (C) comprising a polyester film (A) and a cured silicone resin layer (B) provided on at least one side of the polyester film, characterized in that (1) the film (A) is a biaxially oriented film formed of polyethylene 2,6-naphathalenedicarboxylate with the surface center line average height (Ra) being not more than 50 nm and (2) the release film (C) has a dimensional change of not more than 0.2 % under a stress of 150 gf/mm2 at 120 °C. The release film may have a primer layer (D) having an SiO bond between the film (A) and the cured silicone resin layer (B). The release film has excellent heat resistance, low dimensional change, and excellent surface properties and gas-barrier properties.