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Available information on National Phase entries(more information)
OfficeEntry DateNational NumberNational Status
China 19.09.199797198393.3
Canada 23.03.19992266432
Mexico 24.03.1999PA/a/1999/002784Published: 14.10.1999
Czechia 26.03.1999PV1999-1098Published: 13.10.1999
Granted: 14.04.2004
Japan 29.03.19991998516189
Republic of Korea 29.03.19991019997002676Published: 25.07.2000
Granted: 22.10.2004
European Patent Office (EPO) 26.04.19991997910319Published: 28.07.1999
Granted: 17.07.2002
United States of America 10.01.200009269493