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Pub. No.:    WO/1997/039954    International Application No.:    PCT/SE1997/000604
Publication Date: Oct 30, 1997 International Filing Date: Apr 10, 1997
IPC: B65D 6/16
Applicants: PERSTORP AB
BRAUNER, Manfred
Inventors: BRAUNER, Manfred
Collapsible container for transport and storage, comprising a bottom part (2) and side walls (1) movably connected to the bottom part (2) via hinges (3) which are formed by lower hinge-parts (3') and upper hinge-parts (3''). The hinge-parts (3', 3'') are integrated with their respective part (1, 2). Two side walls (1), placed on opposite sides are provided with an inwards angled edge (4') at each of their two ends. The edges (4') connect, when in upright position, with the adjoining side walls (1). The inwards angled edges (4') are provided with a number of coupling devices (5) which are intended to interact with corresponding couplings (6) placed at the ends (4'') of the adjoining side walls (1). The side walls (1) can hereby be locked together in an upright position. At least two opposite side walls (1), preferably all four, are provided with hollow channel-like reinforcing profiles (7) stretching along three sides of each of the side walls (1), wherein one of the sides is always an upper side (8).