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1. (WO1997008074) CLOSURE

Pub. No.:    WO/1997/008074    International Application No.:    PCT/EP1996/003728
Publication Date: Mar 6, 1997 International Filing Date: Aug 23, 1996
IPC: B65D 50/04
B65D 50/06
Inventors: SUFFA, Udo
The invention concerns a closure comprising a lid (2) and a body (1), wherein part (3) of the body (1) can be pressed in radially and secured in the pressed-in position to form a recessed grip. The part (3) can be secured permanently and non-detachably and can thus act as a tamperproof device indicating that the closure is opened for the first time. In addition, an indicator plate (6), which is torn off when the part which can be pressed in is pressed in, can be provided as a further tamperproof device. Furthermore, when the lid has been raised, the part which can be pressed in can return to its initial position, such that when the lid is closed again, the closure can only be re-opened when the part which can be pressed in is pressed in again. This embodiment provides a tamperproof device in the form of an indicator plate (6) disposed on the part which can be pressed in. Furthermore, the return of the pressed-in part into its initial position provides a child-proof closure.