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1. (WO1997006973) OVER FILLING VALVE

Pub. No.:    WO/1997/006973    International Application No.:    PCT/IL1996/000069
Publication Date: Feb 27, 1997 International Filing Date: Aug 1, 1996
IPC: B60K 15/035
F16K 17/36
F16K 24/04
F16K 33/00
Inventors: ZAKAI, Avi
An over filling interdiction valve, fitted within a fluid tank (3), the valve comprising a housing (1) furnished with a first fluid inlet (7) at a bottom end thereof and a first fluid outlet (15) at top end thereof, a float member (21) located within the housing and being displaceable along its longitudinal axis between the first inlet and the first outlet. The float member comprises at its bottom end a second fluid inlet (27) and near its top end a second fluid outlet (38). Sealing means (35) are associated at a top end of the float member for sealing the first fluid outlet and biasing means (39) are provided within the housing for biasing the float member towards the first fluid outlet. The arrangement being such that the biasing means together with buoyancy forces acting on the float member tend to urge the float member to a sealing position in which the sealing means sealingly engage with the first fluid outlet, whilst gravity forces acting on the float member tend to displace the float member away from the first fluid outlet to an unsealed position. The valve further comprises means (27) for restricting fluid ingress into the float member (21), wherein raising of the fluid level in the tank results in rise of the fluid level within the housing, as a consequence of which the float member is urged to the sealing position.