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1. A device for reducing or eliminating brake noise in heavy vehicles provided with drum brakes and of the type comprising a dampening layer (14, 15) of a material being at least partly elastically deformable, said layer being located between the outside of the brake drum (3) and a surrounding, coaxially mounted, pre-stressed steel ring (16), the said steel ring (16) being solid with a uniform cross section and mounted by being opened by a radial cut, heavily pre-stressed and finally closed by being welded in place, c h a r a c t e r i s e d in that a steel sheet (18) has been welded to the inner cylindrical surface of the ring (16) near the ring opening, said sheet (18) being directed concentrically towards the inner cylindrical surface of the ring (16) at the other side of the ring opening.

2. A tool for use when applying a radially directed compressing force to the steel ring (16) used in a device according to claim 1, said tool comprising an open ring (20) the diameter of which may be altered by a bolt-nut connection (23) at the tool ring opening,
c h a r a c t e r i s e d in that the tool ring ends (21, 22) in the area of the bolt-nut connection (23) are overlapping and contacting each other by rails (24) having plane surfaces which are parallel to the axis of the bolt-nut connection (23).