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1. A machine with a fast change tool system
comprising: at least one platen to which a tool is to be secured; fixed guide means on the platen; a backplate on the tool adapted to mate with the guide means to position the backplate at a predetermined location on the platen; and releasable clamping means for clamping the backplate in the said predetermined position, wherein the guide means provide means for defining at least two predetermined positions corresponding to backplates of different sizes whereby, by appropriate setting of the guide means, backplates of said different sizes may be precisely located on the platen.

2 A machine according to claim 1 wherein said clamping means comprises: a plurality of clamp members each mounted on a respective carrier; and said carriers may be positioned so that surfaces of the carriers define one of the predetermined positions of the guide means.

3. A machine according to claim 2 wherein the guide means comprise: a pair of pads fixed to the platen at a spacing to define the other of the predetermined positions of the guide means; and a stop located to limit movement of the backplate in the direction perpendicular to said one dimension.

4. A machine according to claim 3 wherein said carriers are located in pockets provided in the pads.

5. A machine according to claim 4 wherein the spacing between the pads is equal to or slightly less than the spacing between first and second tie-bars of the machine whereby a tool may be introduced into the working area of the machine by passing between the first and second tie-bars in a single linear movement of the tool, said linear
movement bringing the or each backplate of the tool into mating engagement with the pads.

6. A machine according to claim 5 wherein the tool comprises an ejector mechanism and the machine comprises an ejector device for operating the ejector mechanism, and wherein the ejector mechanism and the ejector device are provided with a coupling which automatically mates as the tool executes said linear movement.

7. A machine according to claim 6 wherein said ejector device includes a rod which projects through a platen of the machine into the working area of the machine, and the backplate associated with that platen includes a slot to accommodate the end portion of the rod as the backplate is moved into mating engagement with the guide means.

8. A machine according to any of claims 2 to 7 wherein the clamp members are each indexible to a
multiplicity of positions each of which presents a different face of the clamp member to the backplate.

9. A machine according to claim 8 wherein, in one of the indexiblle positions of the clamp members, each clamp member presents a face to the backplate which does not extend, in the direction of the machine centreline, beyond the guide surfaces of the pads and wherein, in two other indexible positions of the clamp member, the clamp member presents clamping surfaces to the backplate which correspond to different thicknesses of the backplate.

10. A machine according to any preceding claim wherein insertion of the tool is by a linear movement in the
vertically downward direction or the horizontal direction.