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1. (WO1994029597) COMPRESSOR

Pub. No.:    WO/1994/029597    International Application No.:    PCT/AU1994/000319
Publication Date: Dec 22, 1994 International Filing Date: Jun 14, 1994
IPC: F04D 25/06
F04D 29/02
F04D 29/04
F25B 1/053
F25B 1/10
F25B 49/02
CONRY, Ronald, David
Inventors: CONRY, Ronald, David
A centrifugal type refrigerant compressor comprises at least one impeller (17, 18), electric motor (27) and drive shaft (22) mounted on non-lubricated radial bearings, such as magnetic or foil gas bearings (23, 24), with axial locating means (26) associated with the shaft (22) to restrict axial movement thereof with respect to the compressor housing (12). The housing (12) encases the motor (27) and the compressor and defines the gas inlet (31) and the gas outlet (16) passageways. Gas throttling means (34) is provided in the inlet (31), and a control means (30) varies the speed of the motor (27) and the throttling means (34) to control the compression ratio and mass flow through the compressor in accordance with the refrigeration load.