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1. (WO1994029556) SAFETY DEVICE

Pub. No.:    WO/1994/029556    International Application No.:    PCT/GB1994/001238
Publication Date: Dec 22, 1994 International Filing Date: Jun 8, 1994
IPC: E05F 5/00
E05F 5/04
Applicants: WARREN, Andrew
CORBETT, Desmond
Inventors: WARREN, Andrew
CORBETT, Desmond
This invention relates to a safety device, and in particular to a safety device for a sliding panel, such as a patio door. The safety device includes an abutment means (20), carrier means (21), for the abutment means (20), a mounting arm (22) for the carrier means (21), pivot means (25) for the mounting arm (22), suppport means (24) for the pivot means (25), resilient bias means (36) urging the mounting arm (22) towards an abutment condition, the resilient bias means (36) being connected between the mounting arm (22) and the support means (24), and manually operable means for moving the abutment means (20) against said resilient bias (36), the carrier means (21) being substantially parallel to the pivot means (25).