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1. (WO1994028520) COIN STORE

Pub. No.:    WO/1994/028520    International Application No.:    PCT/GB1994/001080
Publication Date: Dec 8, 1994 International Filing Date: May 19, 1994
IPC: G07D 9/06
G07F 5/24
G07F 11/04
BOINTON, Guy, Richard
Inventors: BOINTON, Guy, Richard
A last-in-first-out coin store comprises a tubular housing (21) in which a coin stack support (22) is driven upwardly or downwardly by an endless belt (28) driven from a motor (23). A coin dispensing mechanism comprises a bar (37) positioned above the tubular housing (21) between a pair of beams (A, B) of light mutually normal, axially displaced along the coin store axis by half the width of a coin, and crossing the centre of the coin stack. A control circuit (80) raises and lowers the coin support (22) automatically so as to maintain the uppermost coin at a position where one, but not both, of the light beams are broken so that a coin is ready to be dispensed by the bar (37). A count is kept of the number of coins by a counter circuit (90) responsive to an encoder on the drive belt (28). Useful in gaming machines or change giving coin freed machines.