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Pub. No.:    WO/1994/001220    International Application No.:    PCT/AU1993/000335
Publication Date: Jan 20, 1994 International Filing Date: Jul 8, 1993
IPC: B04B 1/02
Applicants: TRYLOCK PTY. LTD.
ERRINGTON, Rowland, Alexander
Inventors: ERRINGTON, Rowland, Alexander
A centrifugal filter device (1) for treatment of liquid-containing substance which comprises: a rotatable inner chamber (10) at least partially open in its upper region, as viewed in use; a fixed outer housing (2) surrounding the inner chamber; and means for delivery (14) of the liquid containing substance to a selected region of the inner chamber, wherein the rotatable inner chamber is adapted to collect concentrated waste material deposited from the liquid-containing substance, and which inner chamber is removable to empty the concentrated waste material for disposal, the waste material being concentrated in the lower region of the inner chamber upon rotation, and wherein the major portion of the liquid exits from the inner chamber out of its open top upon rotation, the inner chamber being provided with drainage means to remove remaining liquid from the concentrated material.