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1. (WO1994000659) MAGNETIC LOCKS

Pub. No.:    WO/1994/000659    International Application No.:    PCT/GB1993/000807
Publication Date: Jan 6, 1994 International Filing Date: Apr 16, 1993
IPC: E05B 47/00
E05B 67/22
Applicants: SEDLEY, Bruce, Samuel
Inventors: SEDLEY, Bruce, Samuel
A magnetic key operated lock has an anti-rap arrangement which comprises a magnet pin (13) supported in a bar (16) mounted in a slide member (1). The remote end of the pin (13) fits into an aperture (17) in a locking plate (3) and is pivoted to swing downwards out of the aperture (17) when a correctly coded key is inserted into the lock. The correctly coded key has a repelling spot to pivot the magnet as required and before the key attempts to move the slide member from its locked position shown in the figure. Rapping on the face of the lock cannot move the remote end of the magnet pin (13) out of the aperture (17) because it is restrained by its pivoting action from moving laterally out of the locking plate. Another anti-rap arrangement is described with respect to the other drawings and a padlock incorporating both anti-rap arrangements is also described.