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1. (WO1992003329) TRAILER FOR CYCLES

Pub. No.:    WO/1992/003329    International Application No.:    PCT/US1991/005755
Publication Date: Mar 5, 1992 International Filing Date: Aug 13, 1991
IPC: B62D 63/06
B62K 27/00
Applicants: ALBITRE, Eugene, E.
Inventors: ALBITRE, Eugene, E.
A lightweight single wheel trailer (18) is provided for towing behind a bicycle (10) and including an upwardly opening wire mesh-type receptacle mounted forward of the rear wheel of the trailer. The trailer is collapsible. The receptacle is detachable from the trailer and is collapsible for economical shipping and storage. The rear portion (24) of the trailer is detachable from the front (22) portion and includes opposite side rearwardly projecting arms between whose rear ends (52) the rear wheel (56) of the trailer is journalled. The forward end of the trailer includes a hitch assembly for coupling the forward end of the upstanding seat supporting shank of an associated bicycle.