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1. (WO1991009199) LOCK BOX
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1. A lock box comprising a housing having an open
side, a lid removably mounted to said housing on said open side, a ridge on said housing
extending around the inner periphery of said
housing adjacent said open side, a retainer on
said lid complementary to said ridge, said
retainer being operable to extend beneath said
ridge and a first pin movable between an
extended position beneath said ridge when said
lid is mounted to said housing and a retracted
position to allow removal of said lid from said housing.

2. A lock box as in claim l wherein said pin is
biased to said retracted position.

3. A lock box as in claim 2 and further comprising a lock to move said pin between said extended
and retracted positions.

4. A lock box as in claim 3 and further comprising a second pin movable between extended and
retracted positions by said lock.

5. A lock box as in claim 4 and further comprising means for mounting said housing to a support.

6. A lock box as in claim 5 wherein said ridge on
said housing extends around only a portion of
said inner periphery.

7. A lock box as in claim 6 wherein said ridge is
mounted within said retainer when said lid is
mounted to said housing.