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1. (WO1991002719) CCK ANTAGONISTS

Pub. No.:    WO/1991/002719    International Application No.:    PCT/US1990/004703
Publication Date: Mar 7, 1991 International Filing Date: Aug 20, 1990
IPC: A61K 38/00
C07D 209/16
C07D 209/42
C07D 403/12
C07K 5/097
Applicants: BIOMEASURE, INC.
Inventors: KIM, Sun, Hyuk
MOREAU, Sylviane
In general, the invention features compounds having formula (I) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein AR is an indolyl, quinolyl, naphthyl; m is an integer between 0 and 2, inclusive; and A is either α, where n is an integer between 1 and 5, inclusive, and R2 is hydroxy, an alkoxy group having 105, inclusive, carbon atoms, aralkoxy, or aralkyl.