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Goto Application


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2 1 An cardboard box container (S) associable with an unopenable

3 cardboard cover (C), in which the cardboard is preferably of

4 impermeable impregnated type for liquid tightening, and in which

5 for the realization of the box (S) a die-cutting substantially

6 rectangular corresponding to the perimeter of develop of the box or

7 greater is made, with prefold lines (1) for the formation of the bottom

8 (1) and four realizing perimelrical lateral wall sides (2, 3, 4, 5), where

9 the respective external quadrangles (6), present a prefold line on the

I 0 respective diagonal (d), characterized in that the containing box (S):

I I - provides the diagonal external bending (d) of said external 1 2 quadrangles on the diagonals of the edges (6), forming triangular 1 3 edges that arc successively bent and rotated in external adjacency 1 4 with one lateral wall one against the other on two respective opposite 1 5 walls of handle (2-4);
1 6 - said quadrangular ends present a removal of the respective

1 7 external corner (6") and a 45° opposed carve (6');
1 8 - two opposite borders corresponding to said two handle sides

1 9 (2-4) protract with prefold of two respective fins, ending with 20 hooking tongue (8) in order that said hooking tongues are insertable

2 1 and turned-up after formation of the box, hooking said triangular 22 edges and forming in the same time external holding handle to the 2 3 box, through said traceries of the external edges (6').
2 4
25 2 A container according to claim 1., characterized in that the box

2 6 presents in the other two external opposite upper borders of the wall

2 7 sides (3-5) an external bent anti-opening tongue (7) for not allowing the opening of the cover (C).

3 A container according to claim 2., characterized in that the closure cover is also made in cardboard (C), having two internally folded similar anti-opening counter tongues (9) allowing insertion of the cover (C) on said box (S) and engagement inside the opposite external anti-opening box tongues.