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Unforgettable Interlocked Light Switch of Automobiles
This invention relates to an unforgettable interlocked light switch of automobiles. The light switch has to be turned off before the engine ignition key of the automobile can be withdrawn.
In order to remind myself to turn off the lights before leaving my car, I once installed a small tumbler switch near the keyhole of engine ignition switch such that the tumbler. handle is turned to the area of the withdrawn position of the ignition, key when the lights are turned on and when the engine is running such that the tumbler handle has to be turned back and the lights are turned off consequently when I want to leave the car with the key.
The tumbler switch did not have enough capacity to carry the electric current of the lights. So, it was not electrically connected to the circuit of lights, but instead served as a reminder only. It is easier for me to remember to turn the position of the tumbler handle whenever I turn, on the lights than to remember to turn off the lights when I leave the car.
Obviously the tumbler switch can be used to switch on an electric relay of enough capacity to switch on the lights indirectly. A small tumbler switch can be glued onto the surface near the keyhole of the ignition switch for retrofitting an existing car.
For a new car the best embodiment would be as follows.
An embodiment of the invention will now be described, by way of example, with reference to the accompanying drawings, in which:
Figure 1 is the front view of the arrangement of parts comprising rotary ignition switch 1, ignition key handle 2, and the knob (or handle) of sliding light switch 3, and
Figure 1A is the profile.
As shown in Figure 1, the withdrawn position of key handle 2 is 21 which will interfere with knob 3 if the top side of 3 is at its extreme outward position 33 (Figure 1A) when all lights are on. Thus key 2 cannot be withdrawn unless the top side of 3 is pushed inward to position 32 when the head lights are,off and only the emergency lights are on or to position. 31 when all the lights are off.