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Pub. No.:    WO/1987/002951    International Application No.:    PCT/AU1986/000347
Publication Date: Fri May 22 01:59:59 CEST 1987 International Filing Date: Tue Nov 18 00:59:59 CET 1986
IPC: B60G 21/00
B60G 3/01
B62D 37/00
B62D 61/08
B62D 9/02
Applicants: JAMES, Phillip, Ronald
Inventors: JAMES, Phillip, Ronald
Three or four wheeled vehicle which leans into corners so as to remain stable even when the vehicle has a narrow track. The steering mechanism is such that leaning of the vehicle to either respective side of the vertical causes the front steering wheels (10) to turn in the same steering direction, e.g. a lean to the left causes an anticlockwise, when viewed from above, turning of the front wheels (10). The front wheels (10) can be supported on a parallelogram linkage system (17, 18) so that the steering axis (16) of the wheels (10) remain parallel with the vehicle body as the vehicle leans. Steering can be controlled through a steering wheel (14) which, disregarding the influence of body lean, turns the front wheels (10) in a steering direction relative to the turn of the steering wheel which is opposite in sense, e.g. an anticlockwise turn of the steering wheel (14) produces a clockwise turn, when viewed from above, of the front wheels (10). In order to produce a predetermined steering characteristic the ratio between the angle of lean of the vehicle and the responsive angle of turn of the front wheels (10) varies with the forward velocity of the vehicle.