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1. (WO1985004132) MIRROR LAMINATES

Pub. No.:    WO/1985/004132    International Application No.:    PCT/GB1985/000097
Publication Date: Sep 26, 1985 International Filing Date: Mar 8, 1985
IPC: B05D 3/00
B29C 37/00
B29C 44/12
B29C 44/34
B32B 17/10
B29C 31/00
Applicants: LEACH, Roger, John
Inventors: LEACH, Roger, John
In a method of bonding a mirror to a rigid backing by means of a solvent-based adhesive, the solvent vapour from the bond line is extracted by interposing a porous layer between the mirror and the backing and extracting the solvent vapour through the porous layer by suction. Apparatus for this purpose includes first and second work stations (2,4) for supporting a rigid sheet of material (8), and means (39,40,44,46,56) for advancing the sheet from one station to the other through a third station equipped with means (34) for dispensing liquid adhesive on the sheet as it passes through. The support surface (16) of the second station is gas-permeable (18) and this station also includes a flexible and substantially gas-impermeable lid (22) adapted to close over a sheet lying on the support surface and means (21) for sucking gas through the support surface from the space between the lid and the support surface whereby to evacuate the space. Also provided is a laminate of a mirror and a rigid backing with a porous layer of fibrous material between the mirror and the backing, and a method of bonding a mirror to a rigid backing by means of a foam-forming composition which expands and sets to form a solid foam which bonds the mirror to the backing.