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1. (WO1982000520) SENSOR

Pub. No.:    WO/1982/000520    International Application No.:    PCT/EP1981/000081
Publication Date: Feb 18, 1982 International Filing Date: Jun 24, 1981
IPC: F23Q 3/00
G01L 23/18
G01L 23/22
G01L 9/00
HEINZ, Rudolf
SCHOOR, Ulrich
FREY, Thomas
Inventors: DOBLER, Klaus
HEINZ, Rudolf
SCHOOR, Ulrich
FREY, Thomas
The sensor for measuring the pressure of a medium comprises a wire (5) the resistance of which varies in accordance with the pressure. The wire (5) is placed within the medium in a coil or pleated form or the like. Preferably a portion (5a) of the wire is protected from the pressure. The protected portion (5a) of the wire and the portion (5b) exposed to the pressure are forming the branches of a bridge circuit. In order to measure the combustion pressure in combustion machines, circuits are located in the chamber (11) of a spark plug or disposed with the electric conductors (21) (44) of an incandescent plug. Combustion pressures may thereby be obtained by controlling and/or adjusting injection and/or ignition systems without further borings. In other embodiments of the sensor high pressure may also be measured, for example the pressure in an injection pump.