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Pub. No.: WO/1979/000290 International Application No.: PCT/GB1978/000040
Publication Date: 31.05.1979 International Filing Date: 13.11.1978
C07C 1/02 (2006.01)
Preparation of hydrocarbons from one or more compounds, none of them being a hydrocarbon
from oxides of carbon
Priority Data:
(EN) Methanation reactions and, more particularly an improved process for the catalytic methanation of gases such as "synthesis gas". In more detail a process for the methanation of synthesis gas comprises reacting together CO, CO2 and H2 (1) by successive contact steps thereof with: (a) a catalyst (4) comprising a solid support having deposited thereon a metal selected from the group consisting of Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, W, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ir, Pt alloys of the said metals with each other and alloys containing an aggregate of at least 1% by weight of one or more of the said metals with other metals, and, (b) an inert body or assembly of bodies (5) having a substantial surface area with which the gases make contact subsequent to their contact with the said catalyst, the said inert body or assembly of bodies having sprayed on to it or them (6, 7) a liquid medium which removes heat from the gases and thereby has its temperature raised and/or is evaporated, the rate of supply of the liquid medium, its specific heat, its latent heat of vaporisation and the other conditions of the process being such that the temperature of the gas emerging from the body or assembly of bodies is not higher than 600 C and that the entire quantity of liquid medium is evaporated before its passage along the inert body or assembly of bodies is complete (8).
(FR) Des reactions conduisant a la formation de methane et plus particulierement un procede perfectionne pour la production catalytique de methane a partir des gaz tel que le "gaz de synthese". De facon plus detaillee, le procede pour la preparation de methane a partir de gaz de synthese comprend la reaction entre CO, CO2 et H2 (1) par des etapes successives de contact de ces substances avec: a) un catalyseur comprenant un support solide sur lequel est depose un metal choisi dans le groupe comprenant Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, W, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ir, Pt, les alliages de ces metaux entre eux et les alliages contenant un aggregat d"au moins 10% en poids d"un ou plusieurs des dits metaux avec d"autres metaux et, b) un corps inerte ou un ensemble de corps (5) presentant une surface importante avec laquelle les gaz entrent en contact apres leur contact avec ledit catalyseur et sur lequel on a repandu (6, 7) un liquide qui absorbe la chaleur des gaz ce qui entraine une elevation de sa temperature et/ou son evaporation; la quantite du liquide a apporter, sa chaleur specifique, sa chaleur latente d"evaporation et les autres conditions du procede sont telles que la temperature du gaz sortant du corps inerte ou de l"ensemble ne depasse pas 600 et que la quantite totale du liquide est evaporee avant que son passage sur le corps inerte ou l"ensemble ne soit termine (8).
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Publication Language: English (EN)
Filing Language: English (EN)