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Pub. No.:    WO/1978/000008    International Application No.:    PCT/DE1978/000002
Publication Date: Fri Dec 08 00:59:59 CET 1978 International Filing Date: Sat Jun 03 00:59:59 CET 1978
IPC: B31C 3/00
A process for cutting a tube (9), made of helically wound bands of paper, cardboard or the like and having a label (10) wound onto it by a winding belt (4), into individual tube sections that are used for manufacturing container cases for cans or the like, has the driving speed of a cutter (6) compared with the travelling speed of the label band (10) so as to introduce corrections in the driving speed of the cutter (6) whenever there are deviations. For carrying out the correction, a value obtained from the comparison controls the speed of the winding belt (4). A device for carrying out the process has a diverting cylinder (11) for the label band (10), a continuously variable gear drive for the winding belt (4) and the cutter (6), a photoelectric device (12), adjacent to the diverting cylinder (11) and rotating with the speed of the cutter (6) to sense control marks (4) of the label band (10), and an electromagnetic clutch (16) fitted between the drive of the cutter (6) and the drive of the winding belt (4), the clutch being controlled by the photoelectric sensing device.