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1. US20120119174 - Device for opening a pull door by applying a pressure

Office United States of America
Application Number 13266811
Application Date 12.03.2010
Publication Number 20120119174
Publication Date 17.05.2012
Grant Number 08746659
Grant Date 10.06.2014
Publication Kind B2
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[IPC code unknown for B66F 3/24]
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A62B 3/00
B66F 3/24
E21D 15/44
B66F 3/00
B25B 28/00
A62B 3/005
B25F 5/005
Applicants Cardona Yvan
Inventors Cardona Yvan
Agents Lucas & Mercanti, LLP
Priority Data 09 52763 28.04.2009 FR
(EN) Device for opening a pull door by applying a pressure

A device for opening a door by staving it inwards, so that the device can exert a trust on the vertical surface of the door and stave it inwards when the device is positioned against the door on the side to which it opens by being pulled, the device comprising an actuator, an intermediate soleplate, and an upper jacking bar, the device comprising an upper jacking device fixed in a hinged manner to the upper end of the upper jacking bar, and comprising at least one wedging and locking device forming: a front flat portion, a riser portion, and a rear portion.