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1. (US20110316734) Dual frequency antenna aperture

Office : United States of America
Application Number: 13141427 Application Date: 22.12.2008
Publication Number: 20110316734 Publication Date: 29.12.2011
Grant Number: 08723748 Grant Date: 13.05.2014
Publication Kind : B2
Prior PCT appl.: Application Number:PCTSE2008051553 ; Publication Number: Click to see the data
H01Q 13/00
Waveguide horns or mouths; Slot aerials; Leaky-waveguide aerials; Equivalent structures causing radiation along the transmission path of a guided wave
Applicants: Svensson Bengt
Saab AB
Inventors: Svensson Bengt
Agents: Venable LLP
Franklin Eric J.
Priority Data:
Title: (EN) Dual frequency antenna aperture
Abstract: front page image

An antenna structure including at least two stacked antenna apertures, a first antenna aperture with first antenna elements and at least a second antenna aperture with second antenna elements. The antenna structure is arranged for operation in at least a high and a low frequency band. The first antenna elements are arranged for operation in the high frequency band and the second antenna elements for operation in the low frequency band. The first antenna elements are arranged to have a polarization substantially perpendicular to the polarization of the second antenna elements. The second antenna elements are arranged in at least one group and each of the group includes a number of second antenna elements coupled in series and arranged to have a common feeding point on a straight feeding structure. One feeding structure is located adjacent to each group of second antenna elements. The direction of the feeding structure is substantially perpendicular to the polarization of the first antenna elements. A corresponding method and a radar system including the antenna structure.

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