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1. (US20110228592) Programmable bipolar electronic device

Office : United States of America
Application Number: 13130805 Application Date: 13.01.2009
Publication Number: 20110228592 Publication Date: 22.09.2011
Grant Number: 08787064 Grant Date: 22.07.2014
Publication Kind : B2
Prior PCT appl.: Application Number:PCTUS2009030866 ; Publication Number: Click to see the data
G11C 11/00
Digital stores characterised by the use of particular electric or magnetic storage elements; Storage elements therefor
Applicants: Kamins Theodore I.
Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Williams R. Stanley
Inventors: Kamins Theodore I.
Williams R. Stanley
Priority Data:
Title: (EN) Programmable bipolar electronic device
Abstract: front page image

A configurable memristive device (300) for regulating an electrical signal includes a memristive matrix (350) containing a first dopant species; emitter (320), collector (310), and a base electrodes (330, 340) which are in contact with the memristive matrix (350); and a mobile dopant species contained within a central region (360) contiguous with the base electrodes (330, 340), the mobile dopant species moving within the memristive matrix (350) in response to a programming electrical field. A method of configuring and using a memristive device (300) includes: applying a programming electrical field across a memristive matrix (350) such that a mobile dopant species creates a central doped region (360) which bisects the memristive matrix (350); and applying a control voltage to the central doped region (360) to regulate current flow between an emitter electrode (320) and a collector electrode (310).

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