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1. US20070246577 - Converging spray showerhead

Office United States of America
Application Number 11738291
Application Date 20.04.2007
Publication Number 20070246577
Publication Date 25.10.2007
Grant Number 08733675
Grant Date 27.05.2014
Publication Kind B2
A62C 31/02
31Delivery of fire-extinguishing material
02Nozzles specially adapted for fire-extinguishing
Applicants Leber Leland C.
Water Pik, Inc.
Inventors Leber Leland C.
Agents Dorsey & Whitney LLP
Priority Data 60745261 20.04.2006 US
(EN) Converging spray showerhead

Showerheads with two or more nozzles configured to deliver water streams that converge at one or more regions. Prior to convergence, the converging water streams may generally retain a recognizable shape determined by the type of nozzle. Upon convergence, at least portions of the converging water streams may substantially disperse into multiple individual water droplets. The nozzles, or a face plate or other components joining the nozzles to a showerhead, may be selectively movable to selectively move the region or regions of convergence closer to or further away from the showerhead, or to convert the nozzles from delivering converging streams to delivering non-converging streams or vice versa. Some showerheads may further include other nozzles for delivering water from the showerhead in other modes, such a high pressure mode, a pulsating mode, a mist mode, and so on.

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