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1. (US20070000671) Diaphragm latch valve

Office : United States of America
Application Number: 11172353 Application Date: 30.06.2005
Publication Number: 20070000671 Publication Date: 04.01.2007
Grant Number: 7543653 Grant Date: 09.06.2009
Publication Kind : B2
A62C 35/00
Permanently-installed equipment
Applicants: Victaulic Company
Inventors: Reilly William J.
Blease Kevin J.
Banis Joseph K.
Agents: Ballard Spahr Andrews and Ingersoll, LLP
Priority Data:
Title: (EN) Diaphragm latch valve
Abstract: front page image

A valve for fire suppression sprinkler systems is disclosed. The valve has a chamber with an inlet and an outlet. A closure member, positioned within the chamber, is movable to close and open the inlet. A latch engages the closure member to hold it in the closed position. The latch also engages a deformable diaphragm. The diaphragm deforms in response to pressure applied to it and allows the latch to move between a latched position engaged with the closure member and an unlatched position away from the closure member. When the diaphragm is depressurized it allows the latch to move and disengage from the closure member, which opens under fluid pressure from the inlet and allows fluid to flow through the valve.