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1. (US4022155) Glassware coating apparatus
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We claim:
1. Coating apparatus adapted for intermittent operation in handling a plurality of individual articles and comprising:
a main supporting frame;
a container positioned upon said frame and having a porous support member which retains a particulate coating material thereabove including means in communication therewith to fluidize said particulate material;
a transfer mechanism attached to said frame for intermittent movement to a plurality of positions at least one of which is in juxtaposition with said container;
a gripper device carried by said transfer mechanism for gripping said articles and securely holding same during the movement of the transfer mechanism to its said plurality of positions, said transfer mechanism including support bar means pivoted proximate one end thereof and connected to said gripper device proximate an opposing end, said support bar means being connected to a drive means for effecting said intermittent movement; and
means to move said container into close communication with an article when the transfer mechanism is in juxtaposition with said container whereby the articles held by said gripper device come into contact with said particulate coating material.
2. A coating apparatus according to claim 1 wherein said gripper device further incorporates a conduit suitably arranged to convey a fluid medium to a point coincident with gripped articles and further adapted to place the interior of said articles under a positive pressure during the movement thereof.