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1. (US20190304101) Data Processing

Office : United States of America
Application Number: 16283145 Application Date: 22.02.2019
Publication Number: 20190304101 Publication Date: 03.10.2019
Publication Kind : A1
G06T 7/246
[IPC code unknown for G06T 7/246]
G06T 2207/10016
G06T 7/248
Applicants: Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
Inventors: Sharwin Winesh Raghoebardajal
Priority Data: 1805005.4 28.03.2018 GB
Title: (EN) Data Processing
Abstract: front page image

A data processing device comprises a camera to capture successive images of an optically detectable indicator of a second data processing device; a location detector configured to detect a location of the data processing device; a data receiver to receive location information from the second data processing device; and a processor to detect a mapping between the image location, in images captured by the camera, of the optically detectable indicator of the second data processing device, the communicated location of the second data processing device and the detected location of the data processing device.