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1. (US20180135824) Method for determining the zero position of a mirror device of a vehicle headlight

Office : United States of America
Application Number: 15544070 Application Date: 24.01.2017
Publication Number: 20180135824 Publication Date: 17.05.2018
Grant Number: 10018319 Grant Date: 10.07.2018
Publication Kind : B2
Prior PCT appl.: Application Number:PCTAT2017060008 ; Publication Number: Click to see the data
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F21S 41/24
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Applicants: ZKW Group GmbH
Inventors: Peter Mayer
Thomas Mitterlehner
Agents: Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP
Priority Data: 50075/2016 05.02.2016 AT
Title: (EN) Method for determining the zero position of a mirror device of a vehicle headlight
Abstract: front page image

In order to determine a zero position of the actuating drive (14) of a luminous range adjustment of a light module (10) in a headlamp for vehicles, light coming from the light source (1) is directed onto an absorber surface (12). The absorber surface (12) has an opening, through which light passes as a delimited light beam (17). By means of the actuating drive (14), the light module (10) is pivoted in terms of its angle position, an intensity of the light beam (17) passing through the opening being detected by means of a light-sensitive sensor (15) which is arranged behind the absorber surface (12).

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