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Office India
Application Number 201817043798
Application Date 21.11.2018
Publication Number 201817043798
Publication Date 15.02.2019
Publication Kind A
E02B 9/00
9Water-power plants; Layout, construction or equipment, methods of, or apparatus for, making same
Applicants TESLA, Tomislav
Inventors TESLA, Tomislav
Priority Data 20160265 21.04.2016 RS
This innovative solution completely solves the problem of siltation of accumulation maintained projected state hydro facilities with a dam to resource accumulation in the long term sustainable. Cleaning reservoirs for water supply has additional technical solutions which are installed to prevent sediment accumulation in a way is formed cascade of dams upstream from the existing dam on its surface is set perforated pipes and equipment related to the further described piping system that drains water from sludge out of the reservoir. Example a variety of means known to establish the position of deposits (17) in the accumulation is determined by the surface deposits on the bottom (16) of the accumulation which should be removed. Working tube (22) is positioned in the zone below the level (15) of the accumulation at a certain horizontal depth is positioned with a set of buoys (23) working tubes and cables (24) to position the working tube then it is clipped onto the corresponding manifold with an automatic valve (21) and the transport tubes (19). The working tube (22) having flexible side movement in the water with their associated elements of the flexible coupling (25). Then the head (28) of the suction tube with a suction tube (27) is associated to the working tube (22) located at the suction position of deposits (17) in the accumulation. Its work head (28) of the suction tube with a suction tube (27) is connected and positioned by means corrector (29) and the intake position of the vessel (30) for the intake position. Now the system is fully ready networked controlled by the position of specialist in the mechanical room (9) by means of appropriate equipment. This raises the requirements of electricity generation the device (18) for the low pressure in the water with the help of electronics and pumps rain water in the tube (11) over the dam crest to open the valve in place the regular turbine with tubes (8). The water in the tube (11) over the dam crest is below the free fall draws water law of connected vessels from the reservoir or moves and sucks the deposits (17) in the accumulation of water in the scale of work head (28) of the suction tube. The water flow in the pipes at a constant speed. Transport of water from the sediment via a suction tube (27) the working tube (22) a transport tube (19) tube (11) over the dam crest to the regular turbine with tubes (8) wherein water from the sediment leaving the river flow (5) under the dam or in the separation. Additional positions a possible east lead with the deposits through a tubes (12) through the body of the dam and the tube (13) through the coast of accumulation. Shows the position work have the option of cleaning the sludge on the entire surface of the reservoir the working tube (22) is transmitted so that the consolidated deposits can remove the entire bottom surface of the reservoir to the technically feasible practical and fast way.

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