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1. (GB1031646) Improvements in or relating to air blowers
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1 An air blower of the class specified wherein the blower and its driving motor are mounted within a sound-proofed box having an air inlet and an air delivery connection for the blower and the motor is also enclosed in an auxiliary casing having an air inlet thereto fed from the blower and an outlet to atmosphere, the air from the delivery connection by-passing the auxiliary casing.
2 An air blower according to claim 1 wherein the air for motor cooling is tapped from the blower casing.
3 An air blower according to claim 2, wherein the blower has a single sided impeller and the air tappings are made from the rear side of the impeller disc.
4 An air blower according to claim 3, wherein vanes are provided at the rear side of the disc to regulate the natural vortex in the air.
An air blower according to claim 4, wherein the vanes are fixed radial vanes.
6 An air blower according to any of claims 1 to 5, the outlet connection from the blower, or the outlet to atmosphere from the auxiliary casing, or both, being formed of a thickwalled tube of flexible foam or sponge material of the kind in which the cells communicate.
7 An air blower according to claim 6, wherein the outer skin of the tube is sealed.
8 An air blower substantially as hereinbefore described with reference to and as illustrated in the accompanying drawing.
9 A wind organ having an air blower as claimed in any of claims 1 to 8.
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