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1. A pipette tip comprising:

a main body section (101); and

a straight pipe section (112) disposed at a leading end of the main body section,

wherein an inner diameter of the straight pipe section (112) is 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm inclusive, and

a length of the straight pipe section (112) is 5 mm to 15 mm inclusive,

the main body section (101) has a first taper section (113) connected to the straight pipe section (112) and the diameter of the first taper section (113) is reduced toward the straight pipe section (112),

characterized in that the taper angle of the first taper section (113) in view of the straight pipe section (112) is 3 degrees to 20 degrees inclusive

and in that the straight pipe section (112) has a small opening (111) having a reverse taper section whose inner diameter is expanded toward the leading end.

  2. The pipette tip of Claim 1,
wherein the main body section (101) comprises a second taper section (114) connected to the first taper section (113) and the second taper section (114) has a taper angle smaller than the taper angle of the first taper section (113).
  3. A pipetting method comprising:

sucking a liquid including cells using the pipette tip of any one of Claims 1 to 2; and

discharging the sucked liquid using the pipette tip (100).

  4. The pipetting method of Claim 3, wherein 5 ml to 12 ml inclusive of the liquid is sucked and discharged 2 times to 5 times inclusive at a rate of 3.0 ml/s to 7.0 ml/s inclusive.
  5. The pipetting method of Claim 3 or 4,
wherein the cells are human iPS cells.
  6. The pipetting method of Claim 5,
wherein the liquid including the human iPS cells is sucked using the pipette tip, and
the sucked liquid is discharged using the pipette tip so as to break a diameter of the colony formed by the human iPS cells into 100 µm to 200 µm inclusive.