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1. EP0770616 - Papyracillic acid, method for preparation and its use as a bioactive substance

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1. Compounds having the formula (I)

whereas R represents a hydrogen or a branched or unbranched C 1-C 4-Alkylgroup their optically active forms, and their pharmacologically safe salts.
  2. Process for preparation of compounds I of claim 1 which comprises culturing of a strain belonging to genus Ascomyces which produces substances according to claim 1 in a nutrient medium containing in addition CaBr 2.
  3. A process as claimed in claim 2, wherein the substance producing strain is Ascomecetes Lachnum papyraceum (Karst.) Karst. strain 44 ∼ 88.
  4. Compounds obtainable by a process according to one of the claims 3 or 4.
  5. A pharmaceutical composition comprising active ingredients according to claim 1, their optically active isomers, their pharmaceutically acceptable salts, or a prodrug of said active ingredients.
  6. Use of compounds according to are of the claims 1 or 4 for production of drugs, with antibacterial, antifungiacal or cytocoxic activity.