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1. (CN107105263) Video decoding method and apparatus for motion compensation operation for an inter-frame prediction

Office : China
Application Number: 102017000221171 Application Date: 22.06.2012
Publication Number: 107105263 Publication Date: 29.08.2017
Grant Number: 107105263 Grant Date: 26.04.2019
Publication Kind : B
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H04N 19/184
Applicants: NTT DOCOMO, INC
Agents: 北京三友知识产权代理有限公司 11127
北京三友知识产权代理有限公司 11127
Priority Data: 61/501,112 24.06.2011 US
Title: (EN) Video decoding method and apparatus for motion compensation operation for an inter-frame prediction
(ZH) 用于在帧间预测下执行的运动补偿的视频解码方法和装置
Abstract: front page image
(EN) The present invention provides a video decoding method and apparatus for motion compensation operation for an inter-frame prediction. The method includes computer-executable steps performed by a processor of a video decoder to achieve: retrieving an integer sample from a reference picture memory; applying a first fractional sample interpolation to an integer sample in a first direction to generate a first set of fractional samples, applying a second fractional sample interpolation to the first set of fraction samples in a second direction to generate a second set of fraction samples, generating a bidirectional prediction sample by combining two second sets of fraction samples, two second component scores of the samples are different from each other, and the value of the bidirectional predictive sample is intercepted to represent the first set of fractional samples using the first bit depth of the integer sample using a constant second bit depth independent of the first bit depth; as first and second score sample interpolations, at least an 8-tap FIR filter with a quarter-pel sample: [-1, 4, -11, 40, 40, -11, 4, -1] is used to generate a one fourth pixel sample..
(ZH) 用于在帧间预测下执行的运动补偿的视频解码方法和装置,该方法包括由视频解码器的处理器执行的计算机可执行步骤,以实现:从基准图片存储器检索整数样本;在第一方向上对整数样本应用第一分数样本插值以生成第一组分数样本;在第二方向上对第一组分数样本应用第二分数样本插值以生成第二组分数样本,将两个第二组分数样本取平均生成双向预测样本,两个第二组分数样本彼此不同,双向预测样本的值被截取以利用整数样本的第一比特深度表示,第一组分数样本利用与第一比特深度无关的恒定的第二比特深度表示,作为第一和第二分数样本插值,应用至少具有[‑1,4,‑11,40,40,‑11,4,‑1]的8抽头FIR滤波器生成四分之一像素样本。
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