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1. (CN106878734) Video Coding/Decoding Method And Video Coding/Decoding Device

Office : China
Application Number: 102017000221139 Application Date: 22.06.2012
Publication Number: 106878734 Publication Date: 20.06.2017
Publication Kind : A
H04N 19/184
H04N 19/82
H04N 19/42
H04N 19/523
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Applicants: NNT DOCOMO INC.
Priority Data: 61/501,112 24.06.2011 US
Title: (EN) Video Coding/Decoding Method And Video Coding/Decoding Device
(ZH) 视频编码/解码方法及视频编码器/解码器
Abstract: front page image
(EN) The invention provides a video coding/decoding method and video coding/decoding device. The video decoding method for executing motion compensation under inter-frame prediction comprises the following steps which can be executed by computer: searching samples from a reference picture memory; determining a scaling factor for scaling up a sample bit depth from a first bit depth to a second bit depth; applying a first fractional sample interpolation on the samples retrieved from the reference picture memory, in a first direction to generate a first set of fractional samples; and applying a second fractional sample interpolation on the first set of fractional samples in a second direction to generate a second set of fractional samples; intercepting prediction samples of the first set and the second set of fractional samples and scaling down the second bit depth to the first bit depth.
(ZH) 视频编码/解码方法及视频编码器/解码器。用于在帧间预测下执行的运动补偿的视频解码方法包括计算机可执行步骤,以实现:从基准图片存储器检索样本;独立于样本的第一比特深度,确定用于将样本比特深度从第一比特深度按比例放大至第二比特深度的按比例放大因子;在第一方向上对检索出的样本应用经受了利用所确定出的按比例放大因子的按比例放大操作的第一分数样本插值,以生成利用第二比特深度来表示的第一组分数样本;在第二方向上对第一组分数样本应用第二分数样本插值,以生成利用第二比特深度来表示的第二组分数样本;以及将包括第一组和第二组分数样本的预测样本截取并从第二比特深度按比例缩小至第一比特深度。
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