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1. (CN104204359) Aero-hydroelectric power station

Office : China
Application Number: 201380014876.5 Application Date: 01.02.2013
Publication Number: 104204359 Publication Date: 10.12.2014
Grant Number: 104204359 Grant Date: 19.10.2016
Publication Kind : B
Prior PCT appl.: Application Number:PCTRU2013000070 ; Publication Number:2013157991 Click to see the data
E02B 9/00
Water-power plants; Layout, construction or equipment, methods of, or apparatus for, making same
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Applicants: 安德烈·尼古拉耶维奇·卡赞谢夫
Inventors: 安德烈·尼古拉耶维奇·卡赞谢夫
Agents: 深圳市博锐专利事务所 44275
Priority Data: 2012115407 17.04.2012 RU
Title: (EN) Aero-hydroelectric power station
(ZH) 高空空气水力发电站
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(EN) The invention relates to hydroelectric power and can be used for capturing the energy stored in atmospheric moisture at any location in the world. The aim of the invention consists in increasing the functional possibilities and increasing the specific power of a hydroelectric power station by using a maximum possible drop in height between the head race and the tail race (from the height of condensation of atmospheric moisture to ground level). The main additional functional possibility of such an aero-hydroelectric power station consists in that it can operate virtually anywhere, whilst taking up a very small amount of space on the ground, and can even be mobile. Moreover, it makes it possible to produce, at any location, clean water for drinking and irrigation, without causing any damage to the environment as a result of comparatively small hydro flows. The device comprises a tail race (1), a head race (2), a water conduit (3), a turbogenerator (4), meshed, woven or film surfaces (5), a dirigible (6), and fastening cables (7). The dirigible (6) raises the surface (5) to a height above the dew point for these atmospheric conditions (usually this is 2-3 km). There, the supercooled atmospheric moisture starts to condense actively (starts to be collected) on the surfaces (5). A drainage system on the surfaces (5) directs this water away into a small reservoir (head race 2), from where the water, under the pressure of the total drop in height, passes along the water conduit (3) into the tail race (1) on the ground, thereby producing electrical energy in the turbogenerator (4).
(ZH) 本发明涉及水力发电、可用于获取世界上任意地点大气水分所储的能源。本发明目的在于通过最大可能性地降低导水渠与尾水渠之间(从大气水分的冷凝高度至地平面)的高度以增加功能上的可能性及提高水力发电站的特定功率。所述气‑水电力站的主要附加功能的可能性在于该电力站几乎可在任何地方运行,同时占用很小的地面空间甚至是可移动的。此外,饮用灌溉用清洁水在任何地方都可生产,由于只需较小水力流量,所以不会污染环境。所述装置包括尾水渠(1)、导水渠(2)、水导管(3)、涡轮发电机(4)、网状编织或薄膜表面(5)、飞艇(6)和紧固缆(7)。所述飞艇(6)提升表面至高于大气条件(通常为2‑3千米)所需露点的高度。在此露点上,过冷大气水分开始在表面(5)上自动冷凝(开始被收集)。在表面(5)上的排水系统将水引进小蓄水池(导水渠2),排出的水在总高度落差的压力下通过水导管(3)流进地面上的尾水渠(1),从而涡轮式发电机(4)产生电能。
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