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1. (BRPI0923757) máscara respiratória

Office : Brazil
Application Number: PI0923757 Application Date: 22.12.2009
Publication Number: PI0923757 Publication Date: 26.01.2016
Publication Kind : A2
Prior PCT appl.: Application Number:PCTUS2009069138 ; Publication Number:WO2010078144 Click to see the data
A 61
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A61M 16/06
A61M 16/0616
A61M 16/0633
Y10T 29/49826
Applicants: Carefusion 2200, Inc.
Inventors: Harold E. Miller
Samuel W. Osier
Steven J. Duquette
Agents: Diego Goulart De Oliveira Vieira
Priority Data: 12/346.044 30.12.2008 US
Title: (PT) máscara respiratória
(PT) abstract not avaible
Also published as: